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So here I am, chemicals on my head, with my head is being toasted to ensure that said chemicals rid my hair of the atrocious two inch long roots that I’ve let get way out of hand!

[I wanted to put the*awesome* photo of me under the dryer right here, but I’m writing this on my iPhone and evidentally you can only put photos at the bottom of the post using the WordPress app. So you have to just imagine that the photo at the bottom of this posting is here.]

Oh now the toasting is done, but I’m still waiting for chemicals to cook my hair to the delightful reddish-blodishy colour that we all know & love.

As I have mentioned previously1, my former hairstylist, the lovely Amie, has left the world of dressing hair for the world of drawing blood, so I’m trying out her replacement, Halina. I was a bit nervous, because Amie was an amazing stylist and I always got sooo many compliments my hair since I started seeing her. Plus she’s super fun to chat with – the two hours in the chair would just fly by as we shared stories about life and boys2.

Now, I’ve only talked to Halina for about 10 mins while she was painting chemicals on my hair (and the occasional minute or so here and there while she checks the progress of my colour), but we’ve already covered our mutual love of cheap clothing stores, our aversion to paying big money for designer purses and how much better Vancouver is than Toronto. I think we’ll get along just fine.

Fingers crossed that the cut and colour turns out as well!

  1. not even going to try linking that to my old post here on yee ole WP iPhone app []
  2. mostly boys []

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