On holidays!

Today was the first day of my Christmas holidays!  The way that vacation works at my job you have to accumulate your vacation entitlement from July to June for a given calendar year (e.g., you accumulate vacation time to be used during 2009 from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009 )1).  Since I only started working there at the end of May, I only had about a month to accumulate vacation time for 2009 – hence, I only have a bit less than two days of vacay in 2009 – so I had to work a few hours this morning, but now I’m off until next Tuesday, with Friday being the Christmas stat and Monday being in lieu of Boxing Day.  Then it’s three days back at work next week and then I’m off ’til Jan 14!  w00t!

My plans for the Christmas holidays include:

  • eating
  • reading
  • general merriment and hanging out
  • making these2
  • geeking3
  • consuming large volumes of Diet Pepsi

Not necessarily in that order.

Hope you all are4 enjoying your holidays too!

  1. I can’t really complain though, because we do get a really good amount of vacation time (four years to start, plus options for two more weeks with flex time and “corp” time []
  2. the cranberries are currently sitting in the sugary goodness in the fridge []
  3. e.g., blogging, watching crap on the Internet []
  4. or soon will be []

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  1. off the bat, 3 weeks of vacation, plus you can bank one or two weeks of stats and schedule them like vacation. Then every 8 years you get another week of vacation.
    So it seems like we start with 5.

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