5 Random Things I Learned In the Last 48 Hours

  1. “O Canada,” as we know it, isn’t the original song. There have been different version and the line that was recently brought into question (i.e., “in all thy sons command”)1 wasn’t always in there.  Other lines have included “May stalwart sons, and gentle maidens rise,” and “”thou dost in us command.”
  2. You can build a computer on Apple.com that costs more than $125,000.
  3. Canada will be getting plastic money (instead of the paper we now use) by next year.
  4. Flu viruses can last on paper money for up to 17 days!
  5. No matter how many bowls of water you have sitting around the apartment, cats prefer to drink out of your water glass.
  1. though I heard on the radio that the Government of Canada, who proposed changing it, has already backtracked and said they won’t change it []