Running Season 2010

… is off to a running start.  Hee hee. Puns.

Alicia and I went out for a run today.  A leisurely little 7 km.  Our first official run of the 2010 running season! We’ve both done some other short runs1 this year, but this was the first day of our 16-week training plan for the half marathon we are training for!

This is our race plan for the season:

Note that the Scotiabank half, unlike the Vancouver International half, which we ran last year, uses a net downhill route:

Though it does have the vile uphill of the Burrard Street bridge, our nemesis from the Nike 10 km of ’08.  I’ll have to remember that I decided to choose to like uphill running instead of hating it2.

In tangentially-related news, quite a few people have favourited this photo on Flickr lately:

I find this strange.

  1. I even went out for a run in *Surrey*! And I have to say it’s just not a pretty place to run.  I ran around Surrey Lake (yeah, I didn’t know there was such a place either) and it sure wasn’t like running in Vancouver.  If anyone knows of any nice places to run in Surrey, please let me know! []
  2. I thought I’d blogged about that, but can’t seem to find it. It was around the time that I wrote this posting and I really did say to myself (in my head. Not out loud. Because that would be weird.  Well, weirder.) one day when I was out for a run “I choose to like running  up this hill!”  And, strange as it may sound, it made the hill not suck as much []