First Race of the Year

Tomorrow, Alicia and I will be running the 8 km race at the BMO Vancouver International Marathon.  We are training to run the Scotiabank half marathon in June1 and figured that the 8 km would be a nice training run2.

BMO 8 km route

Route for the 8 km race.

I am pleased to note the flatness of this run (see red arrow for elevation of the route)!  No wait, I’m supposed to like hills now3  So, uh, I’m very disappointed by how flat this route is ! 😉

  1. why are banks such big fans of running?? []
  2. though our scheduled Sunday training run for this week is actually 12 km, so we’ll have to shift that to another day next week []
  3. I have decided to make a conscious decision to think positively about running hills, rather than thinking negatively. []

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