Things I Saw On My Run Today

  • baby Canada geese
  • many, many dogs that were very happy to be spending the afternoon at the beach or the park
  • many, many joggers – many of whom were running faster than I was
  • many, many bikers – some of whom were biking slower than I was running 1
  • an older gentleman holding a single red rose, sitting on a bench, and looking expectantly up the path
  • two guys dressed in 1980s YMCA gear – I’m talking bright red short shorts, tall socks, headbands and wristbands – playing ping pong on the beach
  • many people who were oblivious to the fact that they were walking right in my way2
  • this:



  • which I envisioned to look like this:

burrows momument

  • and these 10 stop signs a top a hill, which I’ve seen several times before and which always make me wonder – why the hell are they there?3


Image Credits: Image of Alex Burrows was posted by VancityAllie on Flickr with a license saying it was allowed to be remixed. So I remixed it. The rest of the photos are mine.

  1. I’m not even sure how that’s possible, but there you have it []
  2. note to everyone: if you are walking two or three people across a narrow seawall path and you see a runner heading towards you, move out of the @#$%ing way.  kthxbai []
  3. some kind of art installation? []

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