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T-Shirt Cube

So Kalev brought me this gift back from his trip to New York:

T-shirt cube, next to an apple for scale

The red cube is the present. 
The apple is in the photo to give you a sense of the size of the red cube.

It’s a T-shirt.  No, really. That teeny, tiny cube contains a T-shirt.

And lest you think that’s just an extraordinarily large apple, I took this photo:

Me holding the T-shirt cubeSee how teeny-tiny that cube is!

And now here’s a photo of me wearing the shirt, once I unpacked the teeny-tiny cube:

Me, wearing the T-shirt

What astonishes me is that not only did a full-sized T-shirt fit into that teeny-tiny cube, but it’s actually kind of a long T-shirt!

Thanks for the shirt, Kalev!

7 Responses to T-Shirt Cube

  1. I love it and now I miss NY

  2. Kalev Hunt says:

    Wow… you make that shirt look good!

    And you made it look much more interesting by featuring it in a whole blog entry.

  3. But, sadly, you’ll never, ever get it back into the tiny cube again.

  4. extragoode says:

    It got that way somehow, so I’m sure she could get it back into the cube if she was persistent enough. Yeah, it might require a hydraulic press, but it could happen.

  5. Beth says:

    @Steven – I’ve never been to NY.

    @Kalev – It was totally worth a whole blog entry! I heart my shirt! Also, I wore it to work the next day and got lots of compliments on it!

    @Derek & extragode – LOL. I really don’t think I’m persistent enough!

  6. Kalev Hunt says:

    @Beth: Oh awesome–I can continue to tout my superior gift-getting ability! Yay!

  7. Beth says:

    Yes, yes you can. And you should continue to buy me gifts. Many, many gifts.

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