In Kananaskis


I’m writing this from a hotel in Kananaskis – a nice little weekend getaway at the start of what is going to be an insanely busy month at work1.  I kind of thought that everyone knew where Kananaskis was since the G8 was held here in 2002, but that assumption has proven false, given the blank stares2 I’ve received in reply to my “I’m going to Kananaskis for the weekend!”  Tod’s here for a conference and I decided to tag along to enjoy the mountain air and, of course, the hotel pool and hot tub.  Tomorrow I think I shall venture out for a run, as I can’t imagine nicer scenery in which to spend 8 km!

We flew to Calgary, which, as long-time readers will know, is not my favourite place, but mercifully drove away as quickly as possible towards the mountains.  I have to say, I freaking love being in the mountains!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend too!

  1. why did ALL of my big projects decide to have major things happen in June?  And then data collection that wasn’t supposed to be done until July went really well and is finished already, so it’s ready for me to analyze. And it’s my favourite little project, so I’m champing at the bit to see what the data has to say, but I don’t have time to look at it for a month! []
  2. and Twitter & Facebook comments []

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  • I think you mean “ready for me to analyze.” 😀

    Oh so THAT’S why I think I’ve seen/heard that name before… the G8 in the middle of nowhere so people couldn’t protest effectively.

    As opposed to the G20 in the middle of U of T at the end of this month. *sigh*


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