So, remember last week when I told you about how Telus had generously” offered me a service that I already pay for in honour of my birthday on a day that isn’t my birthday? Well, every time I post something on my blog, a tweet is automatically generated with a link to that posting.  And within 10 minutes of my tweet, I had received this reply from Telus support:

Screen shot 2010-06-10 at 9.36.55 PM

Wow, I thought, seems like Telus is actually listening to customer complaints and trying to do something about it – even though, in truth, it wasn’t like it really needed “fixing,” since they weren’t actually *doing* anything.  But nice to know they are paying attention, right?  So I followed the @TelusSupport account and sent them a DM.  And then – THEY NEVER FREAKING CALLED ME!  Seriously.  Why on earth would you ask someone to give you their phone number so they can call you to fix the problem they are complaining about, but never call??  That makes them look even worse that if they’d ignored my complaint!  Guess I’ll just chalk it up to yet another case of lousy service from Telus!

So, yeah, thanks for nothing, Anthony from Telus Support!

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