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As I mentioned a little while ago, I’m on a quest to bake new things.  There was one suggestion of a good place to get some bread recipes, which is cool because I’ve not done much in the way of baking breads.  Since I need to come up with at least 12 different things to bake over the next year, I figured I’d do a little brain storm of things I’ve never – or rarely – baked before, but would like to try.

  • bread
  • cinnamon buns
  • Baked Alaska1
  • lemon cake
  • angel food cake
  • vegetarian marshmallows2

Any other suggestions?

  1. come on, how fun would that be, eh? []
  2. which will kill two 101-list birds with one delicious stone []

8 Replies to “Stuff To Bake”

  1. Tarte Tatin!
    It’s easy, everyone oooo’s and aaaaaa’s, and it’s has apples so it is good for you!(that’s how it works, right?)

  2. Do you like lemon curd? Its easy and delicious! Have you ever made pavlova? It is like a marshmellow but not vegan of course.
    What about Nanamio bars?! You could make them and then go there and eat them! People always love pie… is there any kinda pie you would like to make? You could go pick some berries and then make a pie with them! Chocolate truffles aren’t baking but they are easy and fun to make and people are always amazed you made them!
    French style macaroons are also very marshmellow like.

    Give me some general ‘guidelines’ and I can come up with more ideas!

  3. @Krista Lee – I’ve never even heard of a Tarte Tatin? But I just Googled it and it looks delicious!

    @Jen – I don’t think I’ve ever had lemon curd – that sounds like fun! I’ve never made pavlova, but have definitely done Nanamio bars and truffles (though haven’t done either of those for a while). Mmmm, truffles. What are “French-style” macaroons?

    @Rebecca – Triffle is a great idea! My mom always made that, but I don’t think I’ve ever made one myself.

    @Kalev – Marshmallow making is weather dependent – if it’s too hot, they done turn out so good (or so I’ve heard, not having actually made them myself). Besides, you eat the hoof & bone containing ones, so you can have marshmallows whenever you want!

  4. @Beth: still, I claim vegan marshmallows because we first partook of them together… plus I gave you the marshmallow fluff stuff when I moved.

  5. @Chris – I love separating eggs.It makes me feel like a real chef!

    @Kalev – Sorry to break it to you, but we didn’t first partake them together. I first partook of them with the Ex. And I’m pretty sure I second partook of them with MM2000!

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