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A little while ago I mentioned on The Twitter that I’ve been looking for a Survey Monkey-like service that keeps its data on Canadian servers.  So far I’ve found two – one company that responded to my tweet (Fluid Surveys) and another (Jitsulab) that had a booth at the conference I went to last month.  Jitsulab gave me a free trial, but June’s been a busy month so I only got to play with it a little bit before the trial expired.  Fluid Surveys have a free account, which limits access to some of the more advanced features (like skip patterns), but which at least lets you play around with it for a while to see if it is what you want.

Anyway, I’ve put together a little (completely unscientific) survey as I wanted to test it out, and to really test it out, I kinda need to see what it looks like when I get some responses.  Care to take a few minutes to fill it out?

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  1. “that keeps its data on Canadian surveys”

    I think you mean “that keeps its data on Canadian SERVERS”


  2. We recently moved away from the monkey at work for the same reasons (Patriot Act etc) and ended up with something that works with Drupal, and works pretty well. Are you up for an install and something hosed at work? (if so I’ll find out what we used for you).

    Fluid seems to work fine but web of trust is wary of them:

  3. Do NOT use Drupal–Lives-and-Breathes uses it. Also, they would never let you install it at work, so a web-based solution is probably the only one you can use.

  4. @Jody – I’ve never seen Web of Trust before. Any idea how they determine if a site is trustworthy?

    @Kalev – Yeah, anything that requires me to install anything is a no go. 🙁

  5. The “Tsar of the Nerdery” portion of your title doesn’t cover the proofreading?

    Also, given all the typos I make, do you really want to have that title? Because then those mistakes will reflect badly on you (even though you have no chance to proofread before I publish!)

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