Because apparently I’m a glutton for punishment…

… expect blogging around here to be light this week. For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to take on a contract for the writing of a grant application, along with my real job and teaching. (Will I ever learn? Answer: probably not). Hopefully I have enough funny things in my Flickr account that I have meant to blog but haven’t quite gotten around to that I can throw on here to keep y’all somewhat happy ’til I again have more than two seconds to blog. Things like this, which is a screen shot I took of someone’s hilariously name wifi network:

IMG_1205 Believe it or not, that wasn’t even in Surrey! It popped up on my screen when I was out in the Shaughnessy area, of all places.

3 Replies to “Because apparently I’m a glutton for punishment…”

  1. I think it’s not so much you’re a glutton for punishment as you are greedy for moolah. 😛

    BTW, you win as first website visited and comment made on my incredible new 27″ iMonster!

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