365 Day Photo Challenge – Update

So 151 days ago I started the 365 photo challenge – and have taken a photo of myself every single day since then1. A disproportionate amount of them are in my bed, since many days I only remember to do it at the end of the day!  On Thursdays I take a photo of myself in whatever outfit I wore to teach that night – it helps me make sure I don’t wear the same thing twice! – and you can actually see them appear diagonally through the set – I’m almost always in the same location and do the same pose.

Here are a few of my favs:

Day 44 Day 24 Day 40 Day 81 Day 106 Day 114 Day 107

and yesterday’s:

Day 150

which was inspired by Darren tweeted about sliding glass doors on bathtubs, which I happen to have.  So, yeah, basically I’m running on empty as far as ideas for photos go.  Do you have ideas? If so, you should probably tell those ideas to me!

Also, check out the set and let me know in the comments section which ones are your favs!

  1. well, I haven’t taken today’s yet. But I still have time []

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  1. Clearly you need some pictures in places where signage or logic dictates that you shouldn’t go. I suggest pretending that you are a store window mannequin, standing atop a podium in a lecture hall, riding whatever statue you can find, or perhaps doing a jump shot in a men’s bathroom.

    Also, you could do the following, which, according to the intertubes, is all the rage:


  2. How’s the track for that sliding door? Mildewy?

    Er, that’s not a euphemism. Somebody conjectured that the yucky stuff in the tracks was one reason for the fading popularity of these doors.

  3. @Dan – I can’t believe I haven’t done a jump shot yet!! What *have* I been thinking?

    @Darren – The track is un-mildewy as yet, but it’s a fairly new house. Plus I spray it with the Method brand daily shower spray stuff – otherwise the doors get soap scummy pretty quickly – which may be another reason people don’t use them as much. Who wants to have to clean shower doors every other day?

    @Kalev – I hope Dec 13 is a picture with a shot syringe!!

  4. It has to be a self-portrait, so I have to take the photo. But excellent point that seeing as we do the seawall every Saturday, I should get a photo there! I can take one of both of us!

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