NaBloPoMo Success!

I can’t believe it’s already the end of November!

  • Only 24 shopping days left until Christmas!
  • Only 12 days until I leave for Ontario!
  • Only 8 working days left in 2010 for me1!
  • Mercifully, only one day left before everyone shaves off their horrid Movember mustaches2.

And this is my final blog posting for National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) 2010, making a complete collection of 30 posts of bloggy goodness. At the start of the month, I was worried I’d get writer’s block, so I made a list of potential topics to blog about, but then I kept getting inspired by the day-to-day minutiae of my life, so I didn’t blog about most of the things on my list. Oh well, it gives me a list to go on if I run out of ideas in December!

  1. for my day job – I also have teaching (including marking) left to do). Though I feel like I have about two months of work I need to accomplish in those 8 days. Eep! []
  2. except for Paul, who is keeping his until 12 Bars []

2 Replies to “NaBloPoMo Success!”

  1. Paul’s continued moustache state is worse than pouring salt in the wounds. It’s like squirting lemon in the eye, snorting Tabasco up the nose and THEN pouring salt in the wounds. *sigh*

  2. Erika, my condolences that you have to be subjected to four additional days of moustache, beyond the tortuous month you’ve already been subjected to. No women deserves such a fate!

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