Coffee Teepee

Coffee Drive-Thru Teepee

When I was doing my month of hot yoga, every day on the way from the yoga studio to work I woud pass a teepee where they sell coffee. Seriously, there’s this little building that looks like a teepee on King George Boulevard (of Broken Dreams)1  and with a sign that says they sell organic coffee. And I’d always think, “I wonder if their coffee is any good.” Today I decided to find out. On the way from my morning yoga class to the office, I drove up and purchased a large coffee for $2.25.

Day 212

For the record – the coffee is pretty decent.

  1. King George Boulevard used to be, until quite recently, called King George Highway. When they renamed it to a Boulevard, Kalev and I found it quite amusing, since it really doesn’t have that “boulevard” kind of feel to it, and when he came to Surrey to embark on our Seattle road trip this summer, we started calling it the “King George Boulevard (of Broken Dreams)” and I can’t stop calling it that! []

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