Blog, blog, Wanderlust baby!

Oh yes, today’s blog posting title is homage to yesterday’s blog posting title. It’s true, I really did that.

Now, “what the hell are you talking about, Beth?” is probably what you are thinking right now. What I am talking about, gentle readers, is the new blog of one Dr. Dan, who you know as the Official Statistician & Tattoo Consultant here on NTBTWK. As many of you know, Dr. Dan is made of pure awesome and thus you should totally read his blog. It’s brand spanking new, so if you start reading it now, you’ll be able to say “Oh yes, I was one of his *original* readers” when he becomes an uber-famous blogger. Or, at the very least, you will laugh your ass off. I mean, with blog posting titles like “Yoga – A contact sport between my face and the floor” and a tagline like “Adventures in Dropping Trou and Awesomeosity,” how can it not rock?

“So, where is this blog of which you speak?” you ask.  Jeez, you sure ask a lot of questions for a disembodied reader to whom I am writing. But I shall tell you, because I am the self-appointmentappointed pimp of his new blog1Consumed by Wanderlust.

  1. as his pimp, I get a cut of all his earnings in exchange for protecting his blog and bringing him johns blog  readers. True story. []

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  1. I suspect you are the “self-appointed” pimp, and not the self-appointment one. Unless you are booking yourself many appointments with his blog (which I sorta guess you are).

  2. Based on this introduction, and your exceedingly high level of awesomeosity, I am compelled to bestow on you the title (with all it’s rights, responsibilities, and privileges) of

    ‘Official Pimp and Dr. of Awesomeosity for All Eternity’ for Consumed by Wanderlust.

    Good work Dr. Beth. Good work long time and repeatedly.

  3. OMG! I’m so honoured! I’d like thank the Academy. And the FSM for His eternal noodliness, which has inspired to me aspire to such levels of awesomeosity!

    Now about the rights to which this title entitles me… do those rights include an unlimited supplies of hotties, by any chance? Because I’d really like to cash in on that.

  4. I’ll be sure to write that into the fine print. It shall be called the Hottie Amendment. Clearly the most important amendment ever written.

  5. Clearly, Hottie Amendment rights trump all other amendments. And I shall loudly proclaim my Hottie Amendment rights like Sarah Palin does her Second Amendment rights!

  6. Except… clearly my entitlement to Hottie Amendment rights trumps Beth’s. 😛 Alhtough if it’s an unlimited supply, I guess we can share, because half of infinity is still infinity. Ah transcendental numbers. Or concepts. Or whatever.

  7. Good thinking Kalev. And yes, half of infinity is still infinity. And infinity is indeed a concept, not a number. But that’s really not important. What is important is the Hottie Amendment. As such, by the power of greyskull, I proclaim an unlimited supply of hotties for all. I’m good that way.

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