The other 0.1% is poison

A new bottle of air freshener appeared in the bathroom at work this week:

99.9% natural. The other 0.01% is poison.

99.9% natural? Now I’m dying to know what the other 0.1% is!

Also, I noticed that the label featured a Canadian flag next to its claim of a very high percentage of naturalness, which immediately made me think of Darren’s new project, One Year, One Canadian, where he’s spending a year buying only Canadian products and services.  One his site, he’s mentioned that he’s trying, where possible, to buy things that are made in Canada from all Canadian source materials, but if that’s not possible for a given item, he’ll buy a made-in-Canada from non-Canadian materials item. And so I wondered if this 99.9% natural, 0.1% unknown substance product was just made here or if it was also made from Canadian materials. Curiously, the label didn’t say anything other than the company is based in Markham, ON. By this point I felt so invested in knowing about the product that now I’ve Googled the company – turns out their products are “manufactured and packaged in Canada,” or, as their registered trademark says, “Made by Really Nice Canadians.”

Still doesn’t tell me what the other 0.01% is though. Perhaps the products are 99.9% natural and the other 0.1% is made of really nice Canadians?

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  1. Wow, when I just got your comment emailed to me, I noticed the typo in the title of my blog posting (which I’ve now fixed – but I did have 0.01% instead of 0.1% – d’oh!)

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