I’ve decided to start planking. Wait, what?

For a while now, I’ve seen photos of Dan and Rick planking. And while I’ve always thought they were pretty cool, I’d never actually planked myself. That is, until yesterday.

Now that I’ve thoroughly confused you, let me start at the beginning. That being: what the hell is planking?? For the uninitiated, planking is where you lie stiff as a board (face down, fingers and toes pointed back, face expressionless) in some unlikely location and take a picture of it. Like this:

And this Globe & Mail article tells me that all the cool kids are doing it. It also told me that May 25 is Global Planking Day. Being that I have the sense of humour of a 12-year old boy, I decided it was high time to get my plank on.

But here’s the thing: planking can be dangerous. Apparently some kid tried to do it on a balcony railing and fell to his death. So I decided it was best if I try my first plank is a safe location. Plus, I didn’t have anyone on hand to take my photo for me, so I needed somewhere I could just set up my camera’s timer. Hence, here is a photo of me planking in my office yesterday:

Day 329

Of course, the whole point of planking is to do this in a public location, because it confuses the hell out of passersby and hilarity ensues. Now that I’ve planked1, I feel confident that I can plank publicly in time for Global Planking Day. All I need now is a photographer…

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Image Credit: Image of random chick planing is from planking.me. The other photo is mine, obviously.

  1. Though, really, given that this wasn’t in public, it’s more of a proto-plank []