My Niece The Daredevil

Today we spent the day at Mount Hood. First, there was a gorgeous drive up the mountain, past the hilariously named Boring, Oregon:

Boring, Oregon

And then we spent some time in the ominous sounding village of “Government Camp” – a ski resort in the winter, but an “adventure park” in the summer. And this is where we saw my niece’s daredevil side. She is, may I remind you, only 6.5 years old. Yet she was all over the ziplining:

Madeline in her zipline harnass

Madeline ziplining

Rock climbing:

Madeline rock climbing

Bungee trampoline jumping:

Madeline on the bungee trampoline

And driving cars:

Madeline driving

After all these adventures, we drove a bit further up the mountain to Timberline Lodge.  While it is famous for being a giant hotel that was built as part of the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression, we went there because the woman at the front desk of our hotel told us that The Shining was filmed there. So we were very disappointed to drive up and see this:

Timberline Lodge

Timberline Lodge

This is clearly not the hotel from The Shining! Turns out, while there were some aerial shots of the Timberline Lodge used in The Shining1, it was mostly shot at a studio in England. Boo-urns! However, the beautiful scenery and the delicious beer at the Ice Axe Pub managed to cheer me up!


  1. Apparently, if we’d gone to the other side of the hotel, it would have looked more like what you see in the movie []

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  • Hey Beth – do you know why only a couple of your pictures come in and the rest say they are unavailable. It was a bummer I couldn’t see all the things your daredevil niece was doing! Are you linking to the pictures?

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  • I use Flickr but for some reason, Flickr keeps changing the “permanent” URLs to my photos, so they show up as “unavailable.” If you click on the “unavailable” photo, though, it will take you to the Flickr page for that photo, so at least you can see them.

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  • What’s extra weird, is that often (like right now), they appear just fine on my computer, but not on other people’s computers.

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