Apparently blog postings about Oregon are not popular with my blog readers

the blog readers have spoken

The blog readers have spoken.

Despite blogging every day while I was away – a vacation first for me, I might add – my blog views took a hit during my trip to Oregon. I still have a few things that I want to blog about from my trip but (a) we all know I have the attention span of a carrot and the memory of a goldfish, so I’ll probably lose interest/forget what those things were pretty soon anyway or (b) I’ll intermix those blog postings with the hard hitting news that you’ve come to expect from this esteemed blog. I will, I’m sure, be writing more posts about my upcoming Longest Game of Hockey That Anyone Ever Dared to Play In the Whole History of Life, the Universe and Everything because that game is only 16 days away OMGWTFBBQ!

Also, have you donated yet?

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5 Replies to “Apparently blog postings about Oregon are not popular with my blog readers”

  1. OMGWTFBBQ = AWESOME. TShirt please.

    As for you Oregonian related posts – they were great. In fact, some of the posts have inspired me to perhaps add a similar trip to my list of things to do. Voodoo donuts sounds AWESOME. As does the wine adventure. And random sign that reads “Keep Portland Weird” is EPIC. I must have a photo of myself in front of said sign doing something weird. It’s as if the sign is calling out to me.

  2. @Jodelene – Yay! I’m honoured that you suffered through reCAPTCHA for me!

    @Dan – Let me know when you want to go to Portland. Because I’m totally going with you!

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