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101Holy shitballs, my 1001 days are almost up! It seems like just yesterday, I wrote a list of 101 things I wanted to accomplish in the next 1001 days.  That was 982 days ago! I don’t know why this just suddenly occurred to me, but it did. And now I’m freaking out! And I don’t know why I’m freaking out – I mean, it’s not like I actually thought I’d accomplish all 101 things. Nor is there any kind of a penalty for not completing them1.

Anyhoo, I just did a quick perusal of the as-of-yet incomplete items on the list and I figure I can finsih two of them – #39 and #58. And maybe #77.

Anyway, stayed tuned. The end is nigh.

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  1. Other than the shamefully shaming shame, of course. []

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  • I can help with #27 . . .

    10 PRINT “Hello world. “;
    20 GOTO 10

    Copy the two lines above. Replace “Hello world. ” with whatever you want the program to write. If you actually run it anywhere, you’ll want a space or two at the end of the expression, since the second line creates a loop that will infinitely repeat the first line. If you have done this, then you have just written a computer program in the gloriously BASIC way it was so often done in the 1980s. If you enter that into an emulator for an old school line numbered BASIC system, then type “RUN,” you are likely to see something like the output from the earliest programs Atari and Commodore folks saw way back when.

    Of course, if what you meant to do was write a serious and useful computer program, that is another matter. I lost interest in the craft after peaking when I was incorporating server-side Java applications into Web sites I designed in the late 90s. Today the lines between application development, system administration, and content markup are all pretty blurry. Yet I understand Pascal (a friendly and fairly intuitive programming language) is still often the environment of choice for introductory computer science work, and it should be easy to get appropriate resources for your preferred platform. I imagine you could go from “Hello world.” to the classic “guess a number from 1-100” text-based game in a single evening. If you dig it, you’ll be on the fast track to writing you own lemonade stand simulation.


  • #14 – easy, write a haiku
    #81 – didn’t you do this with your eye surgery? (I’m too lazy to check)
    #86 – “I bought a car so I don’t use the car co-op much any more but when I did it was awesome”
    #93 – just take it to a jeweler, a resize is usually not too complicated


  • Just want you to know that your 101 things inspired me to do my own. Like you, I’m not doing that great, BUT as a SAHM it has been wonderful because it makes me feel like I can accomplish stuff other than chasing a 2 year old around. So thank you for the idea. Will you do another list?


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  • @Krista – I did a joke liveblog of my eye surgery, but I don’t think that counts! ( I suppose I could do a real one if I get off my butt. Hey, maybe I should live blog Linda’s stagette! And you are right – I could totally do #86. #93 I could do too, if I could remember where I put the ring =S

    @Sarah – Oh, I still have the book, but I don’t have nearly enough time between now and Oct 10 to read it!

    @Stacy – I’m glad I inspired you! It is fun to have stuff to work towards, eh? Also, I think that chasing a 2 year old around is a major accomplishment – because aren’t just chasing a 2 year old around – you are raising a person and that’s a huge deal! And yes, I’ve already started putting together my next list!


  • @Demonweed – If only I had a whole evening to work on such a thing! But maybe I’ll put it on my next list – surely I can get it completed if I give it 2002 days!


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