Live Blog: An Afternoon at the Office

In her comment on my posting yesterday, Krista Lee reminded me that “live blog something” is one of my 101 things to do in 1001 days, which I hadn’t really noticed when I did my panicked look through the list to see which things I could get done by the October 10th end date. And it got me thinking… the item clearly states that I need to live blog “something.” It doesn’t say “something interesting.” Nor does it specify that it has to be something that anyone will even attend. And thus, in the spirit of knocking #81 off my list, I now give you this live blog of my afternoon at the office. I am reasonably sure that it will be the least interesting live blog ever in the history of ever. Huzzah for making my goal unSMART ((Well, I think technically it was unSRT – because it’s measurable (I’m doing it now) and attainable (I’m doing it now). Just not specific, relevant or timely!!

Click Here To See A Replay of My Live Blog (It Will Appear in A Pop-Up Window, Apparently)

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