I can’t believe that my trip to Ottawa & Montreal is almost here! I’m going to Ottawa for a two-day workshop on Wednesday & Thursday, but due to the length of the flight, the three hour time zone difference, and the fact that my workshop starts at 8 am sharp, Tuesday is my day to travel. I get in to O-town around 2 pm, which gives me time to check in, enjoy the hot tub, grab dinner and go to bed early, since 8 am Eastern time is going to feel like 5 am to me! Wednesday and Thursday are full days of workshopping, and because Friday is a holiday, I decided that I may as well stay out east for the long weekend. My mom, my sister and my nephew are going to join me in O-town on Thursday night, where we’ll have dinner with our friend Shelley1 and then we are going to head to Montreal to visit some of my aunts, uncles & cousins that live there. Also, it’s my mom’s 65th birthday on the 12th, so we’ll get to celebrate it in Montreal! So. Excited!

And now – a list. Because who doesn’t like lists?

Things I’m Excited About For My Upcoming Trip (in no particular order):

  • hotel hot tubs
  • learning a whole bunch about Outcome Mapping (the topic of the workshop)
  • seeing my family
  • going to Montreal for the first time since ’05
  • eating a Montreal smoked meat sandwich at Swartz’s for the first time since my childhood!
  • poutine
  • drinking some spruce beer!
Also, for any potential thieves out there, my landlords will still be here so my place will be watched. Just so you know.
  1. Sadly, Sarah & Dave will be on a cruise. Well, not sad that they are enjoying a nice cruise, but sad that I’ll be in their town and won’t get to see them []

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  1. Have fun. Would that I could make the trip to O-town as well for a quick visit. Sadly I have stupid stupid meetings all week. Stupid meetings are the stupidest of all meetings.

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