Banana Muffins Are Always Better With Chocolate Chips

I’m going after item #25 on my 101 list: “bake at least one thing per month for 12 months in a row, without baking the same thing two months in a row.” Last month I made the skull cupcakes and since this month is nearly over, I decided to do an easy one: banana chocolate chip muffins1. I have a long history of baking banana bread, because banana bread is freaking delicious. I used to use a recipe from an Edith Bunker cookbook that my mom has, but recently Sarah shared this recipe with me and it’s even more delicious! I think it’s the addition of yogurt – makes it so moist! I added chocolate chips, because chocolate chips make banana bread 125% more delicious. And I decided to make muffins instead of bread because then you don’t even have to slice it. Because slicing is totally for suckers.

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

So, there you have it. Two months down, ten to go!

  1. I did bake scones this month, but they were craptastic, so I decided that they didn’t count. Incidentally, if anyone has a good scone recipe, let me know! []

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  1. You make a very compelling case for this. I’ll take it under advisement. Not the baking you something part – that’s just a given. But the requiring that I do so to be able to check this off my list. Because that might result in my mailing you a cookie, but it would get all crumbled up in the mail and that would just be sad.

  2. Navy Bean and I baked banana muffins with chocolate chips yesterday too! Ours were mini-muffins though, complete with mini-chips (easier for little people to eat).

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