So Kalev, knowing my love of grammar nerdery, brought this article to my attention the other day: 14 Punctuation Marks That You Never Knew Existed.

First, I have to say that I totally already knew of the interrobang, the dagger (and double dagger), and the caret. As if people don’t know about those.

But, secondly, omg, the exclamation comma and the question comma are just so. damn. useful. Why I have I never seen these before?, why don’t people use these all the time?, and why can’t I figue out how to make one in my blog postings so that I could have used it just now?

Thirdly, the “because” sign (∵) , being an inverted version of the “therefore” sign (∴), is also rather awesome. Why is it awesome?   I said so!

And, finally, I am so in love with the snark. I can’t count how many times I’ve experienced a miscommunication (either as the one sending the message or as the one receiving it) and then lamented, “Why isn’t there some sort of font or mark that denotes I’m being sarcastic??” Now, all my problems are solved!

Wait, you don’t know what a snark is؟ 

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  • I’m not much for hosting social gatherings, but when next I do, I would like to send out invitations to my Interrobang Party. If nothing else, it should spark some lively online discussion between the announcement and the event.

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  • Duly noted, though I should warn you that my last party was in early 2007, and it looks to be ~2200 mile trip. I believe that’s over 3500km. Still, if I ever get a regular income again, oddly-themed festivities will be one of my early priorities, and all the West Coast denizens I know will be welcome.

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  • Oh, wow – the exclamation and question commas are amazing!

    My high school biology teacher taught us the because & therefore signs, but I’ve never heard anyone else explicitly teach them. She also taught us the double-shafted arrow that means implies (=>).

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  • Dude! I gave my Type 1 class a whole project on this. I believe the because symbol is derived from shorthand but I will have to check my notes. Next time you are up I will lecture you on the Phoenicians and the creation/evolution of the alphabet as we know it.

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  • The ‘because’ or ‘since’ symbol (inverted ‘therefore’) is very commonly used in math. We have a huge list of short forms. People who’d borrow my non-math notes during first/second year university were often annoyed because I incorporated math shorthand all the time.

    Some useful math related symbols:

    ∀ = ‘for all’ or ‘for each’
    ∃ = ‘there exists’
    ∄ = ‘does not exist’
    | = ‘given’, or ‘such that’
    ∈ = ‘element of’, or ‘contained in’
    ∉ = ‘not an elemento of’ or ‘not contained in’
    ∝ = ‘proportional to’

    Also, I love the snark and am going to try to incorporate it into a paper 🙂

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