Vehicles and Hockey

My dad emailed me this photo yesterday:

It’s the odometer of his truck, which he bought on the same day that I bought my car, and yes, that is showing that he’s driven 100,000 km! In 944 days1.

In contrast, here’s my odometer:


53,683 km2. Or 54% of the distance my dad has driven.

Further, 9,806 of the kilometres that I have driven have been for work3. Meaning that I’ve only driven 43,877 km on my own time4, compared to my dad’s 100,000! Clearly, my dad is superior to me in the field of putting mileage on his vehicle!

One area that my dad doesn’t beat me though, is in winning bets on Canucks vs. Leafs games. Such as the bet we have on tomorrow night’s game. I expect to be the proud owner of a lottery ticket purchased by my dad after the Canucks beat the Leafs on Hockey Night in Canada!

  1. Mathletes will note that works out to 106 km per day!! []
  2. That’s 57 km per day! []
  3. Not commuting to and from work, but driving to meetings, interviews, focus groups, and other such work-y events. []
  4. Or 46.5 km per day. []

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