Things I’m Looking Forward to About Being a Student Again – A List

Lest you think that going back to school is all about giving up other things, I give you this list of things that I’m looking forward to about being a student again (in no particular order):

  • learning new stuff – I love to learn new things and business is an area where I know very little (Accounting? What’s that? Economics? What are those?). I’m especially excited to be able to learn things (particular the stuff about leadership and strategy) to my work environment.
  • meeting new people – There will be about 40 people in my class, only one of whom I know already. Plus there is a big network of alumni and profs – all people that I’ll get to meet and learn from. Also, given that the class breakdown of the MBA program is about 75% male, 25% female, it looks like I’ll be working with a lot more boys than I’m used to working with1.
  • tuition and education tax credits, especially since the tuition fee for the MBA is *huge*. Also, there is now a tax credit for textbook purchases, which didn’t exist the last time I was in school.
  • scholarships being tax-free, especially since I have a nice big fat scholarship
  • being in school without accumulating more student debt
  • being able to get student discounts again2
  • the U-Pass – super cheap transit access *and* a tax deduction3!
  • library access – I’ve been able to access the UBC Library since I graduated as I’ve been a faculty member, but I’m not teaching any UBC courses this year so my access just expired4.

Have I forgotten anything?

  1. My previous education being in nutrition, which is probably about 95% females, my current employment in health care is also filled with a majority of women, and I play hockey with all women. Not that I have anything against women, but it’s nice to have a balance []
  2. Did I mention that I am a cheap, cheap woman? []
  3. Is it wrong that I’m already excited about filing my 2012 taxes? []
  4. Apparently you can get access as an alumni, but it’s proving to be a cumbersome process. I started the process, but I’m expecting that I’ll probably get access as a student in January before the alumni thing pans out. []

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