I Am Nothing If Not A Cheap, Cheap Woman

In addition to buying that steak, I bought a whole bunch of other stuff yesterday.  It was spend-your-Optimum-points-and-get-extra-free-money day at Shoppers Drug Mart and I had enough points to get $125 of free stuff1. I also had a bunch of coupons for Safeway, so I went there and stocked up on all the stuff I had coupons for. Then when I got home I did some online Christmas shopping2 and managed to use both a gift card that I forgot I even had until I happened to stumble upon it in my wallet while looking for something else and a coupon code that I found by the magic of Google3.  All told, I saved $184.31!!

Of all the things I bought it, though, I think this one is my favorite:
piggy bank

$40.51 in my coin counting piggy bank

It’s a piggy bank that counts the coins you put into it so you always know how much is in the jar. My sister has a jar like this (except that hers isn’t shaped like a pig and pig-shaped piggy banks are awesome) and I thought it was so cool, and so I’ve been on the lookout for one for myself. I found this one at Shopper’s Drug Mart and since I was cashing in my Optimum points for cash, I got it for free! And now I can use it to track my coin-related savings! W00t!

  1. Ordinarily, the points I had would have only gotten me $85 worth of free stuff, but because it was the special spend-your-points day, I got an extra $40. []
  2. Would you believe I only have two more people to buy presents for and it’s only Dec 5?! []
  3. Anytime I buy anything online I always Google to see if there is an available coupon code for the website I’m buying from. I’d saved tons of money this way. []

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