And Back To Work I Go

And so ends my glorious, glorious vacation. Before my vacation started, I knew that I was in need of this time off, but I don’t think I realized just how much I needed it. I’d been going pretty much non-stop since the beginning of January – with work and school and teaching and top secret projects and moving and losing my dad 1 – well, it all took much more of a toll on me than I’d realized2. Now that I’ve had some time off to decompress and smell the roses and do my homework in various exciting new locations after not having worked at work all day, I feel so. much. better. I realize that in the weeks (months?) leading up to my holidays, I was really just getting through the days. I wasn’t able to be as efficient as I normally am3 and I was just all around run down.

Frustrated Computer User
Me, before my vacation

But now I feel rested, exercised, mentally alert, and excited to get back to work and tackle the many awesome projects that I have on the go4 ,5! I’m excited to plan out my meals for the week6, and pack my lunches7 and pick out my outfits for the week8! Speaking of which, it’s 9 pm – I better go pack my lunch and pick out this week’s outfits!

Image Credit: Frustrated computer user image posted by Proposed Solution on Flickr.

  1. I still think about him every day. []
  2. I hadn’t really thought about how that was more than half a year of insane levels of busy-ness and stress without any vacation! []
  3. Meal planning? What’s that? Let’s just throw a frozen pizza in the oven! Deciding what I want to wear in less than 20 minutes? That’s not possible! I just can’t figure out what to put on my body! And omg, why do none of my clothes fit? []
  4. Both the A.W.E.S.O.M.E. project itself and other projects that are awesome in the conventional, as opposed to acronym, sense []
  5. Though I am a bit terrified to see the state of my inbox. I’ve resisted the urge to check my work email while I’ve been on holidays – and I’ve had the urge several times – because I really, truly wanted to have the break that I knew I needed. It was at Inbox Zero when I left two weeks ago- I’m betting it will be in the few hundred range when I arrive at the office tomorrow morning. []
  6. Nerd alert! []
  7. Rather than end up wandering the grocery store on my lunch break thinking, “What should I eat??” []
  8. Also heading back to work tomorrow is my friend Sarah, though she’s been away for two YEARS rather than two weeks. However, she’s far more organized than me – she always has been, but having two small children means that she’s taken organization to a whole new level! I’m curious to see though, Sarah, how many unread emails you have in your inbox! []

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  • Thanks for the shout out! And I’d say in many ways, you are more organized that me, what with your research background and your desire to catalogue stuff and juggle so many time-intensive projects at once.

    But in case you are curious — I had only 763 emails waiting for me after 2 years. I had my out-of-office message on for the whole time, and my name disappeared from the directory while my account was dormant, so none were pressing. It was hilarious to see “Departmental Bulletins” from 2 summers ago, though!


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