Happy St. Frogentine Day!

Devon came home from work with the best Valentine’s Day present ever – two new frogs!

Ever since we lost Rocky and Torpedo, our family of wee frogs has been too wee. They were not, as it were, supernumerary frogs, but rather an integral part of the frog family1.

The new frogs are considerable smaller than our original frogs – Copernicus, Starsky, & Hutch. We aren’t sure if our originals were this small when we first got them or if these frogs are just a lot younger than C, S, & H were when we first got them.

The new frogs are also very speedy, so it was hard to get any good photos of them, but I did manage to get one photo of each.

This is Righteous2:


And this – in the back – is Shemp3:


This photo really shows you how small the new frogs are compared to the old ones – that’s Starsky in the foreground.

This is what I got Devon for Valentine’s Day:

Hoppy Valentine's Day!

And here’s a photo of the two presents together!



  1. On a practical level, we feed the frogs pre-measured blocks of frozen blood worms and the block is the right size for 5 frogs, but too big for just 3 frogs. And cutting a frozen block in half is just a right PITA. []
  2. This name comes from one of my niece’s friends. It’s just such a commanding name! []
  3. 1000 points to the first person who correctly identifies where the name “Shemp” comes from. []

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  • Shemp – one of the original 3 Stooges – his name was actually Samuel – his mother’s strong accent – Sam came out as Shem – he also loved a good cigar.


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