On the TTC

Writing this out on my iPhone on the subway, on my way to meet my friends Jen and Tanya for dinner. But I’m writing it as a note instead of as blog posting on the WordPress app because there’s no cell phone reception in the subway here in Toronto. I have been spoiled by Skytrain where, except for in few stations1, there’s cell reception galore!

Also, we are now stopped in the middle of the subway tunnel for no apparent reason. So, basically, this blog posting is just to say that I’m displeased with you, TTC. And I’ll totally post this if we ever start moving and I get out of this cell phone receptionless void!

We started moving again! And then I went for dinner – which was awesome – and now I’m home again and now I’m posting!

  1. Granville, Burrard, and Columbia, I’m looking in your direction! []

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  • They’re piloting wireless in the stations right now–it’s only in 2 but there’ll be free wireless in all of them by sometime next year. No cell companies are willing to get involved yet, so far, so just wireless. Of course, you can pretty much do anything with wireless now *coughSkypecough*


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