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Day 117And while I’m talking about businesses that I like, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Sky Shoes & Repair. I’d been looking for a place that does alterations, as my favourite red coat had a broken zipper, and I’d been looking for a place that would re-heel shoes, because I’m pretty hard on my shoes and wear through the heel tips pretty quickly. And then I discovered this place that was right under my nose – in the New West Skytrain Station (where I go most days of the week) – and it does both.

I brought in a pair of heels, a couple of pairs of pants to shortening1, and the zipper fixed on my red jacket. They weren’t sure at first if the entire zipper was broken or if it just needed a new slider, but they said “Let’s just try the slider first, because it’s much cheaper for you.” ($18 instead of about $50). The slider worked for about a day, but then the zipper split again, so I brought it back and they put in a new zipper, and without even a question, they said, “I’ll take the $18 you paid for the slider off this order since it didn’t help.”

Good service, friendly staff, super convenient location, and an honest attempt at the cheaper solution rather than just going for a big money grab. This place is definitely my go-to for alterations and shoe repairs2!

  1. I know you are *shocked* that a giant like me would need pants shortened. []
  2. As per usual, I am just blogging about this place because I like the company – didn’t get anything for free nor did I get paid for this posting []

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