NaBloPoMo – Day 29 – My First Book Review

I just got the official word yesterday that my first ever book review has been accepted for publication in a journal! Woohoo!

Cat and book
Watson taking a nap next to the book I reviewed.

I started to do this book review in the Before Times, but then the apocalypse happened and I completely missed my deadline. But, you know, apocalypse. So the journal editors let me submit it late, requested a few tweaks, and now the final version has been submitted and is sent off for copyediting.

The most exciting part is that I wrote a poem as part of my book review, so once it gets published (probably in a spring issue of the journal), I can technically add “published poet” to my list of accomplishments!

The journal it will be published in is not Open Access, so I won’t be able to just post a link to the full article here once it is published. But I’ve checked the publisher’s rules on what I am and am not allowed to share, and I can share the pre-publication version with individuals and apparently once it’s published I can set up a link that I can share with others that will provide limited access to a read-only version of the article. So if you are dying to read my qualitative research methods-based poem, hit me up.

Also, this is one of the books that I read in 2020, so counts towards my goal of reading 20 books this year. Also also, I enjoyed the book review process so much that I’ve signed up to do a book review for another journal!

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