Dr. Beth’s Prime Ministerial Series, Wherein She Writes Random Things About P.M.s

Here’s a summary, for those of you who would like links to all my prime ministerial goodness in one handy-dandy location.

Canadian Prime Ministers:

1st Sir John A. Macdonald
2nd Alexander Mackenzie
3rd Sir John Abbott
4th Sir John Thompson
5th Sir Mackenzie Bowell
6th Sir Charles Tupper
7th Sir Wilfrid Laurier
8th Sir Robert Borden
9th Arthur Meighen
10th William Lyon Mackenzie King
11th Richard Bedford Bennett
12th Louis St. Laurent
13th John Diefenbaker
14th Lester B. Pearson
15th Pierre Trudeau
16th Joe Clark
17th John Turner
18th Brian Mulroney
19th Kim Campbell
20th Jean Chrétien
21st Paul Martin
22nd Stephen Harper

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