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  • 68 down, 47 to go!

    As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve ramped up my blog writing as of late, but I haven’t quite been hitting my target of 7.25 blog postings per week in order to make my goal of 115 blog postings for this year. By my latest calculation, once I include today’s posting and one for tomorrow, I […]

  • Write Blog Postings –> ? –> Profit!

    I was searching Flickr for images for my slide deck for the class I’m teaching and stumbled upon this one: It made me smile! Image Credit: Posted by Owen W. Brown on Flickr with a Creative Commons license.

  • Goals 2015 – 317/365ths of the year check-in

    So apparently I’ve rediscovered that I have a blog. Sadly, I totally forgot that November is NaBloPoMo1 – the month where you are supposed to publish a blog posting every day –  until about 2 days ago, which was 11 days to late to realize such a thing. I have, however, rebounded from one of […]

  • Stuff To Blog About, Should I Ever Get Time To Blog Again

    Another day, another no-seat-on-the-Skytrain1. Since I again can’t do the reading that is really like to be doing now, I figured I’d start pecking out that list of blog posting topics that I mentioned yesterday many days ago on my phone’s tiny, tiny keyboard. In no particular order, here are some things I want to blog about […]

  • Blogs I’m Reading These Days

    So I know I recently said that blogs are dead, but that may have been a slight exaggeration. There actually are people who still blog on a somewhat regular basis and I thought I’d share some of those blogs with you. Just don’t stop reading my blog when you start reading these ones, k? In alphabetical […]

  • Goals 2015 – Mid-Year Check-in

    So it’s just past the halfway point in the year and I figure that means it’s a good time to do a check-in on my goals for the year! Of my 15 goals, 4 goals are completed: Organize all my closets Set up a new investment plan Pay off 7.5% of my mortgage principal – I’ve actually […]

  • Happy 10th Blogiversary to Me!

    10 years. A decade. One-tenth of a century. Whatever way you look at it, it’s an awful long time. Unless you are looking at it in geological time, in which case it’s not even noticeable. Thankfully, neither me nor my blog is a rock. Obviously things have changed a lot during that time. In fact, […]

  • Nerd Stats 2014

    Here is a quick summary of my blog and Twitter stats for 2014, in delightful Google spreadsheet form: My blogging and tweeting stats are continuing their downward trend, which is not at all surprising, given that my blogging was very inconsistent this year. Case in point, I only blogged twice in the entire month of […]

  • Happy 9th Blogiversary to me!

    I’m coming in just under the wire on this one, but Happy 9th Blogiversary to me! When I started this blog nine years ago, it never even occurred to me that it would become such an integral part of my life. It’s my archives of my experiences and ideas (which I really need since I […]

  • 2,500

    This is my 2,500th blog posting. It’s kind of mind boggling, really, that I’ve written that many postings. Even more mind boggling to me – people actually read them! I’ve had this blog for 3,142 days, meaning that I’ve written an average of 0.8 blog postings per day1. I also have 8,495 comments on those […]