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How Did I Miss My Own Blogiversary?


My blog turned 6 years old yesterday and I didn’t even bake it a cake! Worst. Blogmother. Ever!

And now a few stats, because who doesn’t love stats?

  • In 6 years, I have published 1,873 blog postings. That’s an average of 0.85 postings per day or 5.98 postings per week.
  • In 6 years, I’ve had 6,128 comments posted on my blog. That’s an average of 3.3 comments per posting
  • I have 1,585 different tags on my blog. That’s just crazy!

Happy birthday +1 day, my blog!

Image Credit: Posted by kzys on Flickr.

7 Responses to How Did I Miss My Own Blogiversary?

  1. Kalev says:

    The number of different tags is just mind-boggling. How did that happen?

  2. Beth says:

    Clearly it is a sign of the breadth of interesting subjects I write about and not at all because I tag haphazardly and thus end up with multiple tags on the same topic (e.g., I have tags for “blog,” “blogging,” “bloggable,” etc.).

  3. Kalev says:

    SOMEONE needs to tag-cull, obviously.

  4. Beth says:

    That sounds too much like work!

  5. Tod says:


  6. Dan says:

    Happy blogiversary.

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