2 Replies to “Looking for a good place to buy a wig”

  1. Hi Beth,


    On the cheaper side, check out Abantu – http://www.abantu.com – at 3596 Kingsway. Not great quality, but a decent selection and on the cheaper side. Horribly unhelpful sales people though.

    For a good wig, that looks and feels like your own hair go to Canada Wigs and Hair – http://www.canadahairandwigs.ca. These wigs are more expensive and you have to make an appointment, but it is totally worth it if you are planning on wearing the wig for more than just one night. And Carolli is wonderful and so helpful!

    Thanks so much as this totally reminded me that I was going to post about Vancouver wig shopping. Later today.

    Have fun!


  2. Actually I’ve always bought my Halloween wigs at Dressew – I don’t think they look too bad but then again it might depend on what you are dressing up as… Value Village also had a really big selection last year when I was there (new wigs of course, not used).

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