Taylor Pyatt, Taylor Pyatt, TAYLOR PYATT!

So, remember how I came around,Pyatt passing on his skills with chicks to the young lad by John Bollwitt. figurative hat in hand, shaking people down for moolah for the  Michael Cuccione Laboratory for Childhood Cancer Research as part of the Skate For A Cure fundraiser. And that those who raised enough cash get to skate at GM Place and have their picture taken with a Canuck?

Well, they just told us which Canuck it’s going to be.

You may remember Taylor Pyatt from such blog postings as the post where I declared I would have his babies and our babies will have hellabeautiful blue eyes and The Detox is Over. The Retoxification has Begun. Oh ya, and I Got a Free Drink Courtesy of Taylor Pyatt.

So yeah, Sunday. I get to skate at GM Place AND have my picture taken with Taylor Pyatt.

See.  Give and you shall receive.
Photo credit: Posted by John Bollwitt on Flickr.

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