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More Thoughts On Taylor Pyatt

1.   The email I got telling us Skate for a Cure VIP fundraisers that we get to have our pictures taken with His Hotness Taylor Pyatt, it stated: “You will receive a pre-signed photo frame with your picture with Taylor. Please note that Taylor will not sign other items (jersey’s, shirts, etc.)”  Aside from the fact that the plural form of words should not have an apostrophe in them (!), the only thing I could think when I read this was, “Please note that Taylor will not sign other items (jersey’s, shirts, body parts…)

2.  A scale of 1 to 10, where 1 = “that’s totally appropriate” and 10 = “inappropriate beyond description,” how inappropriate would it be to tell Taylor Pyatt that I named one of my, um, electronic devices after him?  And then that, um, electronic device actually burned out?

3.  And, most importantly, what the heck should I wear on Sunday when I get my picture taken with Taylor? Remember, it has to be something that I can skate in, which rules out any of my funky skirts or awesome footwear.

5 Responses to More Thoughts On Taylor Pyatt

  1. Darren says:

    Regarding #3, definitely something with a lot of cleavage. As any Canucks fan will tell you, Pyatt performs best when in the presence of twins.

    Darren’s last blog post..Now That’s a Hard Working Goal

  2. Beth says:

    LOL! Best. Comment. Ever!

  3. JB says:

    You might want to warm up for the interview by taking a listen to some of this:

  4. Rachel says:

    How do you get a pre-signed picture?!? if it hasn’t been taken yet? I guess it’s a presigned frame…and is it a one on one photo or with a group of VIPs. Do you get to skate with him too? So many questions…Gwen is threatening to never talk to you again BTW (if it’s a one on one…). I say wear something the same colour as his eyes…the pic will be awesome. ps. totally inappropriate….or is that the catholic school teacher talking….

  5. Beth says:

    Yeah, it’s a pre-signed frame. And I think it’s a one-on-one photo, as they told us we have to line up. Maybe we shouldn’t tell Gwen that…

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