Another reason to love the Canucks

NDP could win big if voters catch Canucks fever

And speaking of the election, I’ve now seen a few lawn signs popping up.  Unfortunately, since I live in the riding of an incumbent, who happens to be a Cabinet minister and it happens to be a pretty well-to-do riding1, so I don’t really have a hope in hell that the NDP will win the seat here. But I have at least seen a NDP lawn sign2,3, so at least I know who my NDP candidate is now.

On a related note, I’m still taking suggestions on creative ways to destroy the BC-in-name-only-Liberals brochures I’ve received in the mail. So far the best suggestions I’ve recevied have been to line a cat litter box with them and to blenderize them.  I’m leaning towards the latter because, although I do have access to a cat, I really like the cat and wouldn’t want to subject him to looking at that icky brochure, even if it is when he’s taking a poop.

1Note that I am a basement dweller and not someone who even dreams of affording one of the well-to-do homes in this ‘hood.
2On my very own block, no less.
3Have yet to see a Green Party sign though.

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  • Either that is the most retarded article ever written or it completely cements just how ridiculously moronic the electorate in this province is.

    The thought that people might not vote owing to a hockey playoff? That’s just… disgusting. What is WRONG with people?

    And Scumbucket talking in “exteneded Canucks metaphor?” Excuse me–I have to go vomit.

    So wrong. What the FUCK is wrong with people?


  • Quite a few NDP signs in my neighbourhood (kickin’ it East Van styleeeee), but I’m seeing more in favour of the single transferable vote than for any one party.

    I can’t vote (I’m in the last stage of my citizenship application, but it most likely won’t come through in time) and pondering the ethics of finding someone who can vote, but wasn’t planning to, and persuading them to vote my way!

    Cath@VWXYNot?’s last blog post..Cough medicine FAIL


  • Whatever you do with the flyer don’t forget to send it back to them so they know what people think about them.
    I’ve been inclined to put “Return to sender” on the stuff they send my but I think I read that the Post Office just bins those.


  • I took their return envelope, the one they expect you to use to send them a big cheque or a “yes, please I’d love to put your lawn sign up at my house” note, sealed it up with nothing in it and dropped it in the mail. And then, on the next day, I did the same thing with the second one. Just figured it would be weird for them to start getting empty envelopes – which they pay postage on – in the mail.


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