This Is What Greeted Me In My New Office Today

Welcome by you.

Random facts about my new job:

  • It took me & Zaphod about 40 minutes to drive to my new office this morning and about 50 minutes to drive home.
  • There are 31 people in my office, 30 of whom are female.
  • I was introduced to pretty much everyone who was at the office today. I think I can put four names to faces. Which for me is actually pretty good.
  • Everyone at the office was very friendly and welcoming (as evidenced by the above photo).
  • Tomorrow there will only be four of us in the office, as everyone else is going to be at a big meeting off-site.
  • It was one women’s last day working at this office, so she brought in some really delicious cinnamon buns.  My new officemate informed me that although they claimed these were because of a special occasion, pretty much every day someone brings in cake/cookies/sweets of some kind or another. I may need to up my running to account for this1.

1And by “up” I mean “resume.”

11 Replies to “This Is What Greeted Me In My New Office Today”

  1. That’s a sweet office greeting but not as sweet as the cinnamon buns.

    Workplaces can be murder on eating well, I’ve found. Especially around Christmastime!

  2. My general rule about office foodstuff is this: eat it. Pretty simple!

    As for Christmas, I have these additional rules:
    In December, baby Jesus says Calories don’t count. But, being the ‘good catholic’ that I am (*cough cough*), I have to make up for my December gluttony. As such, Calories count double in January. This means that I generally love the Christmas season, but really really loathe stupid January.

    Also, if for some reason you and your office mates are overwhelmed by baked goods, let me know. I’ll send you my address.

    Oh, and one final thing: Congrats on the new job.

  3. One final note, and this may inform you as to my state of mind when I woke up, or perhaps speak of my degenerating vision:

    I thought the picture was a cake. Seriously. I see on closer inspection (read, I’ve just magnified my screen 3x) it’s a placemat or possibly a mouse pad. Regardless, still a most excellent way to start a new job.

    Where are my glasses?

  4. @Dan – yup, it’s a big placemat-type thing. Which now hangs on my bulletin board.

    @Successful – Yup, all the newbies in the office get this. My officemate is relatively new (started there about 3 weeks ago) and she has her giant welcome note on her bulletin board too!

  5. Dan – I thought it was a cake, too. At least at first. And I don’t even wear glasses!

    B – Almost every workplace I’ve ever worked in has been almost all women. Maybe it’s the life sciences/HR world — lots of women?

    I’m glad to hear that day one went well. Did the buns have the cream cheese icing like the ones from that bakery you love on Dunbar?

    Sarah’s last blog post..Two posts in two days? It’s a Georgetown miracle!

  6. Alas, no cream cheese icing. These ones scored points for still being warm, but lost points on the cream cheese icing front.

    And I think you are right about the life sci/HR worlds – and the people in my office are almost all nurses – again, way more women than men in that career!

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