#24 – Attack of the Clone Cats

So, remember how my my couch cloned a pen and then my office cloned a highlighter?  Well it seems that the cloning has now moved onto the next stage: living creatures.

There’s this adorable little orange kitty that lives in my neighbourhood and who will run right up to you if she’s around when you leave your house or arrive home.  She *loves* to be petted and she’s so soft!  I call her Six Toe because, well, she has six toes1.  The other day I was walking out to my car and Six Toe was outside and she came over for a quick pet and then ran over to the neighbour’s car and peaked around the tire. I couldn’t figure out what she was doing, so I walked around the car and saw she was looking at her clone! Seriously, they were nose-to-nose, just as if they were looking in a mirror. I didn’t get my phone out quick enough to capture a picture of that, but I did get this picture:

Photo_070209_001 by you.

And here’s the thing: Six Toe’s clone doesn’t have six toes.  Also, she has a collar on, whereas Six Toe does not.  Shortly after I took this photo, they both came over for some pets, practically falling all over each other to get the one that got petted.

Basically, what this means is that there were two different cats that were coming up to me for attention at different times and I thought they were the same cat!

1Creative, I know.

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