#14 – A List of My Go-To Meals

Well, it looks like I’m on a roll with the food topics!  Here’s a list of my go-to meals – those meals I make all the time and can make pretty much with my eyes closed1:

  • Egg McMaster
  • whole wheat pasta with homemade tomato sauce
  • vegetarian chili – which is basically just my homemade tomato sauce with kidney beans, Yves veggie ground round, chili powder & hot sauce added.
  • Delish Curry Goodness – this is a spinach, tofu, chickpea and curry concoction that my sister’s bf used to woo her.  So she got an awesome boyfriend and I got an awesome dinner recipe!
  • homemade pizza with veggies, goat cheese and fresh basil (It’s kind of cheating because I use frozen dough from Stong’s, but it’s more homemade than (a) delivery, (b) frozen pre-made pizza, (c) pre-cooked pizza pie shell.  Not that I don’t make those kinds too, but I like my “homemade” pizza the best.  Tod and I watched a cooking show the other day where they cooked their pizza dough on the BBQ, so now I *totally* want to try that!
  • Twitter Recipe.  I call this one “Twitter Recipe” because one day I tweeted “I don’t know what to have for dinner!” and someone tweeted back a recipe.  It think it took 2 tweets and then one clarification tweet and I had the recipe.  In fewer than 420 characters.  Basically, it’s sauteed veggies & tofu, a can of cream of mushroom (or cream of whatever you like) soup, curry paste and a can of pineapple chunks, mixed with cooked rice (or sometimes I do it with rice noodles). It’s really fast and I usually make a big pot so I have plenty of leftovers to bring to work for lunch.
  • Hummus.  My friend Kaede taught this one to me: nuke a can of chickpeas for ~7 mins to soften them, then throw them in a blender (I use my Magic Bullet) with tahini, fresh garlic, lemon juice.  I usually add flax oil because it’s so damn good for you (and since you can’t cook flax oil, it’s nice to have a recipe to put it into).  You can also add variety by including things like a roasted red pepper or chili pepper flakes.
  • Guacamole.  I’m a fan of simplicity when it comes to my guac.  Avacado, garlic, lemon juice (and chili pepper flakes if I feel like an added kick). Blend.  I like this straight up with nachoes, or inside a veggie taco or wrap with refried beans & veggies.

Can you tell it’s lunchtime?

1Hmm, maybe it’s all this cooking with my eyes closed that makes me “Not To Be Trusted With Knives.”

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4 Replies to “#14 – A List of My Go-To Meals”

  1. We've been all about Jalapeno Hummus lately (bought, but so, so good). Try it, you'll like it!

    I am eating some right now. So what if it's quarter to 4 EST? Producing boob juice means that I am ravenous all the freaking time!

    Did I ever make you my Senegalese Peanut Soup (the main ingredient of which is chick peas)? If not, I will send the recipe. It tastes even better after sitting and it freezes well. Mmm…eating.

  2. LOL! Boob juice!

    I don't think you have made me Senegalese Peanut Soup, but it sounds pretty yummy!! As does Jalapeno Hummus! I think I'll make my next batch Jalapeno!

  3. @Sarah – Boob Juice = HILARIOUS. Also, I'm salivating at the mention of Senegalese Peanut Soup.

    Further, I wasn't hungry until I started reading the last few blog entries.

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