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#21 – Nail Polish

So, whenever I have to write for long periods of time, I always make sure to put on nail polish. Usually in some crazy colour.  Turquoise. Bright shiny red. Metallic purple.  Because, believe it or not, I actually find it entertaining to look down when I’m typing and see colourful nails.  Wow, when I type it out like that, it sounds really, really pathetic.  But when you are typing up, say, a thesis, it helps.  Keep in mind, I was usually writing late, late into the night for weeks and months on end.

So, anyway, for today’s Blogathon, I decided to go with silver:

IMGP0048 by you.

You can also see in the photo (a) I also painted my toenails silver (because you gotta match, right?) and (b) I now have a sticky note covering up my computer’s clock, because it hasn’t stopped being a bitch.

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13 Responses to #21 – Nail Polish

  1. ColleenM says:

    A sticky note is a great idea! My partner is a PhD student, so next time she's working on a paper, I'm going to suggest that she pain her nails first! Thanks for the tips!
    (this is the Aqua TL from blogathon)

  2. Kalev says:

    Or… you could just turn the clock off. o_O

    Shocking idea, I know.

    Nail polish would be wasted on me, seeing as how I don't need to look at the keys to type. 😛

  3. BarbaraDoduk says:

    Do you put decals on your nails too? Like lady bugs or flowers? 🙂 Cute stuff.

    Keep up the good work my fellow Blogathoner

    B @ The Love Blog

  4. drbethsnow says:

    Glad I could be of assistance! lol!

  5. drbethsnow says:

    Turning the clock off! What a novel idea! Sounds like more work than a sticky note tho =P

    And I don't need to look at my hands either – I've been a touch typist for years thanks to grade 9 typing class (on a typewriter! Because I am old). But it's that nice little surprise when you glance down and see metallic purple dancing across the keyboard that kept me going. I know, it doesn't make any sense when I write it out like this, but in my overworked, sleep-deprived brain it made sense.

  6. drbethsnow says:

    You know, I haven't, but a lot of my coworkers seem to go for pedicures and have flowers and such painted on their toes. Maybe I should find some decals next time I have a major report to write!

  7. It's funny. We're not really girly girls, but we're girly in unexpected ways. You = nails and makeup. Me = romcoms. I'm not a nailpainter because painted my knawed on nails highlights my pathetic habit. I come by it honestly, though. My Grandma (whose EXACT hands I have; genetics is nutty) is also a nailbiter. But she finds that nail polish encourages her to stop biting. Me, not so much. Also, I'm just lazy.

    Kalev – I didn't even know you could shut off the time. TECHNOLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE FAIL.

  8. drbethsnow says:

    I know! It's so weird that we each have our random girly things. I'm also a nail biter and, like your Grandma, I find that nail polish keeps me from biting my nails. Of course, my nails are paper thin, so as soon as I take the nail polish off they pretty much just bend and rip anyway. I wish I had my mom's nails – they are so strong they are like talons!

    I also didn't know you could shut the clock off! Never even occurred to me to look!

  9. Dude…it was calle *keyboarding*. And the next year, they brought in 386s to the classroom for this course. So we're old, but not THAT old.

  10. Dan says:

    Um, what is a romcom?

  11. drbethsnow says:

    That would be short for “romantic comedy.” Also known as “chick flick.”

  12. Dan says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh! I understand now.

  13. Kalev says:

    When I took it, it was called “Typing.” On typewriters. Where we learned how to manually centre things. *shudder*

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