#42 – Stuff People Google

So that last post reminded me of blog stats, the wonderful world where you can find what words and phrases people have Googled to end up on your blog.  Here’s a list of some, uh, interesting things people have Googled lately to land here:

  • the leave in the canadian flag [that’s some awesome spelling. you know, the singular of “leaves” being “leave”]
  • and then my head exploded [seriously, someone actually Googled that phrase!]
  • how to find someone to have an affair with [classy, people, really classy]
  • “doctorate” “unemployed” [nuff said.  Also, I like how they put the individual words inside quotation marks. ‘cuz that makes sense]
  • sluts in b.c. hydro [wha??]
  • caffeine makes groin hurt [also, wha??]
  • bananagasm [seriously, that is a made up word. Why is someone googling it?]
  • my job is sucking the life out of me [did you really expect the Internet to help you with this? Just by Googling?]
  • joffrey lupul pregnant [oh yeah, he totally is]

And, my personal fav, “[a person’s name] herpes.”  I’m not going to tell you whose name it is (and it’s not mine)… but all I can say is did you really expect to get an answer to that on the internets?

Also, while checking out my blog stats, I noticed my graph showing, very clearly, today’s activity:

blogathon graph spike by you.

Thanks for reading, everyone!  It does make it easier to keep at it knowing you are out there!

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  • Ask, and you shall receive! This is awesome.
    – I thought that the plural of leaf was leafs. Like that wonderful sports team I love oh so much. 😉
    – Do you know the potential herpes sufferer about whom the query was made? And is it true?!?!?
    – Finally, once this craziness is over, you'll have to see if you're back on track to hit your 101 in 1001 goal of posting 1001 entries over that time!


  • -Leafs. Ugh.
    -I know someone with the same name as the potential herpes sufferer (hence how that particular search ended up on my blog). No idea if it's true or not tho!
    -Yeah, I think this will put me ahead of target on posting 1001 entries in 1001 days. They won't be one per day, but I think it'll be good enough!


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  • Bananagasm refers to how good post-race food is. You know how after you run a 10 km or a half marathon and then you go to the food tent to have those little bagel quarters, orange slices and banana halves they have waiting for the racers and they are the most tastiest of foods ever? That's bananagasm!


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