ZOMG, This Hallowe’en Costume Is The Bomb!

But the photo doesn’t have a Creative Commons license, so you’ll have to go to the Flickr photo page to see it.Update: Janette is awesome and put a Creative Commons license on this photo, so now I can share it with you here! Thanks, Janette! I hope your little Quatchi gets lots of candy on Saturday!

Trying out the costume by Janetterie.

I may or may not have a search for Quatchi Flickr photos in my Google Reader.

Update: Janette linked to this video in the comments section and I had to post it: too cute!!

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6 Replies to “ZOMG, This Hallowe’en Costume Is The Bomb!”

  1. Why, thank you! I've changed the license type; late night oversight. (But what a good netizen you are for respecting the license!!)

    Dave, you cracked us up. We have been known to eat at the Naam, but that guy serves up websites, rather than bowls of noodles, for a living.

  2. So cute!

    We got our friends' son a Quatchi toy and took it over to England to give to him when he was about 6 months old. He LOVED it, and its fur was the exact same colour as his hair! His parents can't wait to show him a full-size Quatchi on TV at the opening ceremonies.

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