Running Season 2010

… is off to a running start.  Hee hee. Puns.

Alicia and I went out for a run today.  A leisurely little 7 km.  Our first official run of the 2010 running season! We’ve both done some other short runs1 this year, but this was the first day of our 16-week training plan for the half marathon we are training for!

This is our race plan for the season:

Note that the Scotiabank half, unlike the Vancouver International half, which we ran last year, uses a net downhill route:

Though it does have the vile uphill of the Burrard Street bridge, our nemesis from the Nike 10 km of ’08.  I’ll have to remember that I decided to choose to like uphill running instead of hating it2.

In tangentially-related news, quite a few people have favourited this photo on Flickr lately:

I find this strange.

  1. I even went out for a run in *Surrey*! And I have to say it’s just not a pretty place to run.  I ran around Surrey Lake (yeah, I didn’t know there was such a place either) and it sure wasn’t like running in Vancouver.  If anyone knows of any nice places to run in Surrey, please let me know! []
  2. I thought I’d blogged about that, but can’t seem to find it. It was around the time that I wrote this posting and I really did say to myself (in my head. Not out loud. Because that would be weird.  Well, weirder.) one day when I was out for a run “I choose to like running  up this hill!”  And, strange as it may sound, it made the hill not suck as much []

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  1. Nice shoes. Now consider this:

    If you do decide to step up to a full marathon, look at Chicago's for a lovely profile or at the Big Sur profile (for a challenge) and the Big Sur photos (for a droolingly gorgeous route). There's another marathon (whose name I have forgotten) that had a near-Chicago profile and near-Big Sur environment but was hampered by its layout: 3 (iirc) loops. Good luck (my knees will be cheering you on).

    1. I remember a few years ago they had to shut down the Chicago marathon right in the middle because they ran out of water. It was in the fall and it like 30 degrees or something and they just weren't prepared. My friend's fiance was in that race and was super choked that he'd done all that training and didn't get to finish because they stopped everyone from running. That would suck.

      I've always thought that if I did a full, I'd do Sacramento because it's a net downhill. Even though I know downhill running is hard on the body, I do love it so much more than uphills!

  2. I can't remember exactly where you are but I would think Bear Creek park would be decent. Of course, Surrey is purportedly the "City of Parks" so there should be lots of potential venues one would think. Have you googled it?

    1. I've seen signs for Bear Creek Park. I haven't Googled it yet – mostly I just wanted to complain about the fact that I can't just walk out my front door and have beauty scenery to run through. The fact that I need to try to search it out and will have to *drive my car* to find something tolerable irks me.

  3. You might take a look at Surrey's city website (in dire need of a re-design). More specifically, check out their <a href="">Nature Trails. There are several listed, each with a dedicated page which contains info on how to get there as well as schematic maps showing the trails & available amenities + PDFs of same. They also give approximate distance & time for each trail. There are 16, all told, scattered in & around Surrey — some shorter or perhaps unsuitable for your running needs, but all worth a look see.

    1. Sorry about the above comment, the html link didn't fully render for some reason. Check out Surrey dot ca, then search for "Nature Trails".

      1. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check out some of those trails.

        I agree that Surrey's website is in dire need of a redesign – starting with a Google Map that shows *where* each of those are – rather than written directions on each separate page!

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