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Tonight is my first game with my new hockey team!  Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned my first hockey – I just happened to have joined a second one, because one can never play too much hockey!  Anyway, my new team uses a fancy pants online system called Pointstreak to track who will be at each game, what the lineups will be, etc.  A few weeks ago, I signed up for the online system and received this email (on which I’ve blacked out my username and password, obviously):


Am I the only one who sees the flaw in putting the “Forgot your password? Click here to get a new one” link directly below your actual password?  Shouldn’t it say “Forgot your password? Look up about 3 cm”?

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  1. Ah, we’ve identified another difference – I can’t even skate! (Although I’d like to learn. And I did once play hockey on a frozen flooded tennis court, wearing hiking boots. And I played field hockey in high school. Hmmmm).

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