You were in my class. I was your teacher.

Yesterday was the first day of my course for this term! So exciting!  Now, I know that as a general rule I don’t talk about my work here in the old blogosphere – what happens in Dr. Beth’s classroom stays in Dr. Beth’s classroom and all – but I have to say that I love teaching. I love being on campus, I love thinking about the best way to design my course to achieve the learning objectives set out for the course and the best ways to teach different concepts and skills.  I love to watch students learn something and be able to apply it. I love to see them get excited about what they are learning and go above and beyond what’s required for class because they are so engaged with the material.  I love to learn new things from my students – and I always learn new things from my students!

Almost completely unrelated to the above, here’s a photo of me next to an overhead projector that was in my classroom:

Day 80

For the record, I do not actually use an overhead projector. I just find it amusing that we still have these things, with their rolled up supply of acetate, in our classrooms, given that it is 2010 and all. I mean, the classroom has a built in computer and projector and half the class has laptops with them.

Being the nosy person that I am, I decided to investigate who had last used this overhead.  I’m sorry to tell you this, Dr. Dan, but it’s one of your brethren – a stats prof:

Stats Overhead

Even less related is this:

I always think about that commercial at the beginning of every school year and Airdrie mentioned it on Facebook today, so I couldn’t resist watching the video of it on YouTube.

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  1. I *do* love to dress for class! I take special care to pick which shoes I want to wear and then to figure out what I want to wear along with them. It’s good thing I only teach once a week or I’d spend all my time picking outfits to teach in!

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