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I miss being in the lab sometimes.

For the uninitiated, this is a parody of the Flight of the Conchords’ “Most Beautiful Girl in the Room”:

Props to my friend Nora, who posted this in Facebook and from whom I shamelessly stole the idea to post it here. Rock on, Nora. Rock on.


It Gets Better

One of the few podcasts that I listen to religiously is the Savage Lovecast. In response to a recent suicide by gay youth who was being bullied and tormented, Dan Savage has started up a YouTube channel called “It Gets Better,” where GLBT people can post videos telling GLBT youth that they know what the youth are going through, because they’ve been there, and to let them know that it really does get better. When I heard about it on the podcast, I thought, ‘What a great idea. Wish I could contribute in some way.” But, of course, I can’t, as I’ve not been through a situation like this personally. I mean, I know a lot of awesome GLBT people who have great lives and are living proof that it gets better, but I can’t contribute to the project directly myself. Then I read over on Chris’ blog that she’d posted a video for the project and her simple words “Please spread the word.” D’oh! Of course that’s something I can do!  I mean, I have this here blog on which to do it and everything!  So go check out the videos on “It Gets Better,” and, if you are in a position to do so, you may even want to contribute a video of your own. And, of course, please spread the word!

You can read more abou the project here.